Loving the Classics Review: A New Hope for Movie Buffs

In the film industry, reviews are hardly out of the ordinary. Indeed, there are countless magazines and trade papers that are devoted, almost entirely, to reviewing new and in some cases even vintage movies. For filmmakers, this is probably something of a mixed blessing. It’s basically impossible to release a movie, in this day and age, without plenty of ink being spilled in the service of reviewing it—and depending on how well-received the picture is, that’s either an awful lot of great publicity or an awfully big kick in the teeth!

Here’s something else, something that’s probably not too shocking: It’s not just movies themselves that are the subject of reviews. Even the places where you get movies are up for discussion and debate. In some cases, though, there isn’t much in the way of dissention. There’s a website called Loving the Classics, which has itself been on the receiving end of many reviews—and pretty much every Loving the Classics review you come across is destined to be a rave. Go looking for a negative Loving the Classics review, meanwhile, and you may find yourself coming up empty-handed.

So what gives? Well, there’s obviously a reason why every Loving the Classics review is a positive one. The factors that make every Loving the Classics review a winner are numerous:

Loving the Classics allows users to browse an astonishing collection of movie titles—more than 3,000, with hundreds of new titles being added on an almost weekly basis.
These aren’t your run-of-the-mill movie titles, either—all are public domain films that aren’t available on video or DVD anywhere else.
You can pick the movies that sound appealing to you and have copies made to order, then shipped directly to your house!
Loving the Classics lets you add all your favorite childhood movies to your own, permanent collection, and also provides a great avenue for discovering new favorites!
So is it really any big surprise that every Loving the Classics review is aces? Not at all! But you don’t have to take the reviews at your word; order a movie from Loving the Classics today and find out for yourself!