Consumers line up for Xbox One

Eager gaming players lined up at shops throughout the country expecting the coming of Microsoft’s Xbox One, a week to the day after competing Sony introduced its PlayStation 4.

The console, available on the market tonight at 12:01 a.m. ET, is Microsoft’s first video game console since launch the Xbox 360 in 2005.

The unit features an upgraded Kinect detector, which enables users to control the Xbox by making use of their voice. Users too can plug the console directly to their cable or satellite settop box to manage their televisions.

Consumers throughout the country lined up to snag an Xbox One, obtainable in small amounts at retailers including Target and Best Buy. Like the PS4, the Xbox One is anticipated to be in short supply. The consoles are unavailable to buy in the sites of Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

Microsoft is hosting an event in the Best Buy Theater in Times Square to kick off the console’s launch and enable buyers to bring home the console.

Having said that, there’s a decent opportunity within the first weeks that we may be sold out in spite of the amount we’ve built, that will be the biggest we’ve ever built.”

Here in Cleveland, crowds formed outside of shops throughout the place, like the GameStop in Steelyard Commons.

Holiday shoppers and gamers alike picked up their new console with grins on their faces, when doors opened at midnight.

He got his spot at 4 p.m. His favorite feature is the voice commands. Townsend says Xbox One is a fantastic method to keep people off the roads.

“It keeps you out of trouble,” he said. “Xbox saves lives.”

11-22-2013 steelyard gamestop xbox one2
Lorenzo Townsend, the first person in line to purchase the Xbox One in the Steelyard Commons Gamestop, proudly shows off his new hardware.(Photograph: Derek LaBeaud/WKYC)

A local girl in the Cleveland game store bought an Xbox One for a Christmas present for her boyfriend. She isn’t worried that her boyfriend’s gaming time will take away from their relationship time.

“I say let your guy do what he wants because then he isn’t disturbing you… and you’ll be able to go and do your thing,” she said. “Spend time together other times. Enable them to love themselves.”

Four people showed up before 10 a.m. to start waiting. Friends were paid by some to fix early spots.

He showed up at 5 p.m. to for your opportunity to purchase the most recent version.

He doesn’t intend on playing games right away at midnight, but says securing one early was still significant.

“I am excited to have this one,” he said. “It is really a fresh thing. It’s family oriented.”

“The primary thing that sold me was to manage to play a game and view TV on the same screen,” West said. “I am tired of changing.”

Solari, who already possesses an Xbox 360, brought sleeping bags, energy drinks and board games to bear the long delay. “It is really an astonishing piece of invention I cannot wait to play and use.”

Nathan Yuska said he is attempting to prevent frostbite. They brought hats, coats and gloves; plus blankets and hand warmers.

“It has been savage,” Yuska said, shivering. “I love Xbox. Gotta get another console.”

Kenny Irwin, an eccentric artist in Palm Springs Calif., has another function because of his Xbox One – departure by microwave.

Last week, he microwaved a PS4. An Xbox One dies on Friday. “I have purchased it and paid for it.”

Irwin said he will probably purchase another Xbox One to keep at home. “I love video games, really,” he said.

A Meijer store was chosen by the pair in Commerce Township, since it is open 24 hours and they could wait indoors, sitting on camp chairs within the electronics section, on a chilly, wet night in metro Detroit.

“I had the PlayStation due to the complimentary on-line gaming,” the elderly Buckner said. “But now that you must pay for both of them, I am going back to the Xbox.”

While his son prefers games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, Buckner loves race car games in the Xbox.

“I am more of an Xbox individual since the controllers are somewhat more lasting,” the younger Buckner said. “I enjoy the set up of the Xbox better.”

“They are huge fans,” Hunter said of the adults. “Bigger than us.”

xbox one

Emanuel Jumatate, from Chicago, has so much love for his new Xbox One after buying it at a Best Buy in Evanston, Ill. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)