6 Reasons Why You Ought To Buy a PS4

The verdict is nearly unanimous. Besides several diehard supporters of Xbox that are crying foul, the PS4 has won the contest on all counts. Much more is being provided by Sony at a significantly lower cost compared to the Xbox One.

Personally, we believe that you ought to choose for the PS4

because we’re lovers of the device and as it looks a lot more value for money. But do not take our word for it, below is a listing of six reasons that might convince you to really make that choice.

1. Great firstparty games support


Sony is going allout in featuring firstparty games within the lineup of the games which are being developed for the PS4. The firstparty exclusives which were declared for the PS4 till now are DriveClub, Talent, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: The Order and Second Son: 1886.

The excellent support that Sony is providing for firstparty games as well as the amazing lineup of games are reason enough to buy a PS4.

2. 10 times more powerful than PS3

The exceptional upsurge in power will facilitate AI, better <>visuals and physics. There’ll also be better gameplay and advancement in response time. Anti aliasing, better light and possibly better frame rate will be the consequence of the rise in power.
Is not it reason enough for purchasing a PS4?

3. PS Plus free games and service

Buy PS4, get two free trials and a PSN store credit

The PS Plus provides several free games and many mouth watering offers, as PS3 users will swear by. Example might be taken here of Battlefield 3 which is declared to be free of cost for PS Plus members.

Free games? Do not understand why some are still thinking of not purchasing a PS4.

4. Reasonably priced

Priced at $ 399, the PS4 is fairly priced compared to the absolute number of goodies and facilities it is offering.

Money issues. Reason enough to purchase a PS4 over its competitors.

5. Healthy Indie Games Support


Sony is supporting Indie games to further boost their vision of “games over all else”. Over a few Indie games are declared and more are guaranteed to really be on the line. The games which were declared till now are Mercenary Kings, Outlast, Don’t Starve and Transistor.

As the PS4 strategies release will probably be fascinating to view the games appear will and promising developments. Another reason to purchase the PS4.

6. PS Vita Remote Play

There isn’t any doubt the unique Remote Play feature is a huge selling point for consumers. Unrivaled in this section, Sony is further developing this attribute which is seen within the pair up of the PS Vita and the PS4. New features will probably be available following the arrival of the PS4 like the the displays of the PS4 and both PS Vita will probably be on simultaneously when Remote Play is in effect.

Although it’s dependent on the speed, the convenience the Remote Play offers is reason enough to purchase the PS4.Here is the record of the attributes of the PS4 which we believe will work its way in opining you in purchasing the next gen console from Sony. Do comment.